Vacation Rental Agreement

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Rules and Regulations

  1. This agreement must be signed by the guest and returned to our office immediately! Return your signed copy with your advance rental payment by check within 7 DAYS. Failure to do so may result in your reservation being cancelled at the sole option of James W. Smith Real Estate Company, with forfeiture of any amounts previously paid. Please be sure that (1) guest name, (2) dates of occupancy and (3) the property name are on your check. The first rental payment includes 50% of the base rent, the non-refundable reservation fee of $40, damage waiver fee of $50 (if applicable), plus trip insurance (unless subtracted).
  2. Final Payment is due 30 days prior to your arrival. You will not be sent a reminder! Visa, Mastercard and personal checks are accepted. This balance will include taxes, line charges, and any other applicable fees. Security Deposits (if applicable) must be submitted by check, cash or money order. Security Deposits will be refunded within 30 days unless bills for deductions have not been received. Any deduction will be detailed.
  3. Insufficient Funds: A $25 service charge will be added for any returned checks.
  4. Cancellations: In the event you must cancel your reservation, we ask that you notify us as soon as possible. We will make every effort to re-rent the property. All monies, less 10% of the full advance rent payment and the $25 reservation fee will be returned within 21 days after receipt of the re-booking payment. If we are unable to re-rent the property all monies will be forfeited. Transfers within the same property/same year are subject to owner approval and a transfer fee of $25. Notices of cancellation must be followed up in writing for your protection. Trip cancellations/interruption insurance is available and highly recommended.
  5. Guest agrees to indemnify owner for any damages to the dwelling or grounds and to the furnishings caused by the guest’s negligence or abuse which occurs during occupancy. Premises are to be left in the same condition as when occupancy began.
  6. Do not exceed maximum occupancy: Excluding children under age 2. If exceeded, you will be asked to leave and no money will be refunded.
  7. Telephone and Computer Usage: All properties have telephones. To avoid long-distance charges & computer usage being billed to owners, most telephones have a BLOCK that allows local calls only. A credit card or calling card will be needed to make calls outside of Pawleys Island. Guest will be billed for additional charges & charged $10 for each long distance call charged to a rental unit telephone plus the cost of each call.
  8. House Parties are not permitted! If a house party is discovered in a rental unit you will be asked to leave and no money will be refunded.
  9. Pets are not allowed! If a pet is discovered, there will be a $300 fine and guest will be asked to leave. There will be no refund.
  10. Your rental should be clean and ready for occupancy on arrival. If we do not hear from you within 1 hour after check-in, we presume you found it in satisfactory condition.
  11. Fireworks, boats, campers, motor homes, motorcycles and recreational vehicles are not allowed in many areas. Please call our office if you have questions.
  12. Guest agrees not to move or rearrange furnishings. Locked storage closets are for owner’s storage and not to be tampered with by guests or guest’s invitee.
  13. Agent does not guarantee extra amenities supplied by the owner. Agent does not guarantee appliances or mechanical repairs for heat or air conditioning, but will dispatch a repairman as soon as possible after notification. No refunds will be given for missing amenities, malfunctions or natural disasters. An agent or authorized repairman or employee may enter premises during hours of occupancy for any purpose connected with a repair, care or maintenance of the premises.
  14. In the event the owner of a dwelling elects to remove his property from the rental program of James W. Smith Real Estate Company, agent shall be held harmless by the guest. Agent will attempt to provide comparable accommodations and help in any other way.
  15. Guest agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the owner and rental agent, it’s employees, agents, servants, and repairmen, from any claim for loss of property, damage to property, loss of life, or personal injuries received and in any way related to or while occupying the rental property, and the guest/tenant hereby assumes the risk for any such loss or injury during the term of the tenancy created hereby to anyone visiting or occupying the property during said tenancy.
  16. Although every precaution has been taken to avoid errors, we reserve the right to make necessary changes or corrections to our brochure and Internet listings and/or rates.
  17. I, the undersigned, understand that all moneys escrowed pursuant to any rental agreement concerning my property shall be placed in an interest bearing account. Any interest, which may lawfully accrue to my benefit, I hereby assign unto James W. Smith Real Estate Co.
  18. The parties hereto stipulate and agree that jurisdiction for any dispute arising out of the use, occupancy, and rental of the property identified herein shall be decided under the laws of the State Of South Carolina, and that the Circuit Court for Georgetown County, is the appropriate venue for any litigation arising out of this agreement.

Please check in at James W. Smith Real Estate Co. We are located on the east side of Highway 17 in a tan building. Driving south from Myrtle Beach (25 miles), .8 miles from the stoplight at Willbrook Plantation on the left. Driving north from Georgetown (15 miles), .2 miles from the stoplight at South Litchfield Beach Blvd., on the right.

Last Revision: 02-25-2008

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