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Litchfield by the sea is a resort community that features condos, villas, and homes in Litchfield and Litchfield Beach. Away from the hustle and bustle of Myrtle Beach, Litchfield Beach provides vacationers with a laid-back, quiet, and calming environment to unwind from the stress of everyday life. Take a walk on the beach and hunt for shells, or just enjoy the blissful sunrises and sunsets. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in Litchfield by the Sea.

If you’re planning on being in town for an extended period of time, Litchfield by the sea is conveniently located within driving distance of several other destinations! Take a day trip to Myrtle BeachCharleston, or discover the local legend of the Grey Man.

At James W. Smith Real Estate Company, we specialize in renting out condos and homes located in Litchfield by the Sea, so that, even for a week, you can feel what it’s like to own a home on one of the most coveted beaches in all of the United States. Come visit for a day and you’ll immediately understand why.

One of the best aspects of renting in Litchfield by the Sea is that you’re able to get a spacious rental at the beach without having to forego the comforts of home. This is because the area is a bit quieter than other coastal vacation destinations, but don’t let that fool you – there’s still plenty of fun things to do near Litchfield Beach.

Benefits of renting oceanfront condos in Litchfield by the Sea

Many couples or families grapple with the idea of either staying in a hotel or renting out a home or condo when they go on vacation. Renting provides a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Access to areas where there aren’t many hotels: With our Litchfield by the Sea vacation condos, you get to escape the resort-town vibe of larger areas like Myrtle Beach. You can gain access to a more quiet, quaint area.
  • The amenities of home: Our Litchfield by the Sea oceanfront condos provide you with everything you need to settle in for a relaxing stay. The same cannot be said for all hotels and motels.
  • Freedom to choose: Each of the vacation condos in Litchfield by the Sea that we offer are privately owned. This means that they are all different and are styled and equipped to meet the needs and preferences of the owners. This allows you an extensive selection to find a home or condo that fits your needs.

With our Litchfield by the Sea vacation condos, you are able to escape the hustle and bustle of tourist-heavy beach towns and have a completely different experience.

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