Why Interval Ownership?

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Why Interval Ownership?

In order to make it easier for people unfamiliar with the concept of Interval Ownership, we have listed below a few of the reasons that make this type of property an ideal purchase.

Carefree Ownership – Each interval property has a Regime Fee, which covers the majority of the daily, weekly and annual fees associated with owning a vacation get-away. These fees cover insurance, taxes, exterminating, trash pick-up, utilities, landscaping, weekly & annual cleanings, plus a variety of costs unique to the property.

All properties are fully furnished and equipped – Everything is provided for you except your personal items and beach towels! Most have beach supplies like coolers, chairs, bikes, etc. Some even have a golf cart for easy shuttling to and from the beach!

You have four full weeks of vacation time for each interval you purchase – Most people live full and busy lives. Between our jobs and keeping up with our children’s activities it just isn’t possible to spend all the time we would like at the beach. With Interval Ownership you can use all four weeks (more if you purchase more than one interval), treat your friends or family to a week at the beach, or rent the unused weeks for additional income. It’s also perfect for retirees who have the time to spend traveling, but don’t want the hassles involved in the up-keep of a beach house or condo.

Deeded Ownership – Unlike other “time share” properties, with Interval Ownership each interval is a deeded share so you in fact own a piece of the property and not just a block of time. These intervals can even be mortgaged and the value of the interval increases as demand and building supply costs increase.

Generations of Memories – Best of all, being ensured of a beach retreat you, your family, and friends can enjoy for years to come!

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